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Update Instance Secret Key

All Invenio applications have a secret key that is used to encrypt and generate session keys and other important tokens. By default its value is CHANGE_ME.

Any user that knows this value would be able to generate sessions and potentially be authenticated as admin (i.e. session of user_id 1).

In order to update this key follow these steps:

1- Open a terminal (e.g. in an OpenShift POD) and get an Invenio shell to check the current secret value (write it down since it will be needed to update it):

$ /bin/bash -c "invenio shell"
> app.config['SECRET_KEY']

2- Generate a new secret. For example using the openssl linux library.

openssl rand -hex 8

3- Add an environment variable named INVENIO_SECRET_KEY that mounts the secret that contains the previously generated value (i.e. generate secret, update deployment config and redeploy).

4- On a terminal run

/bin/bash -c "invenio instance migrate-secret-key --old-key <OLD_KEY>"

Your work is done.