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CERN Search and its components (crawler, indexer, etc.) are deployed in OpenShift. Nonetheless, there is also a dev instance whose URL is Queries (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) can be tested there (see GitLab repository to get the test schemas' fields).

Error logs

Error logs can be found in Sentry, choosing the corresponding team (a.k.a. client) and project. Users have to belong to CernSearch-Users to be able to login. However, they should be invited to the corresponding team/project.


To debug the system locally check CI/CD.

Invenio Shell

A useful tool is invenio-shell, which works as a python shell although with all the flask application context (extensions, blueprints, etc.) loaded. For that just execute invenio shell in your project folder (assuming the environment has been already properly set up).

useful commands:

  • app.wsgi_app.mounts['/api'].url_map: Allows you to get the current URLs loaded in the api app.

Running with Gunicorn

gunicorn --threads 3 -t 300 -b :5000 --certfile=<PATH_TO>/ssl.crt --keyfile=<PATH_TO>//ssl.key cern_search_rest_api.wsgi


Enter pods using the openshift shell.

Monitor workers and queues accessing the routes https://tasks-<domain> and https://queues-<domain>